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Retaking the GRE® General Test

Should you take the test again?

If you think you can beat your scores, you are encouraged to try! The great benefit of the ScoreSelect® option is that, whether you take the test once, twice or several times, schools will only see the set of scores you choose to send them. And research shows that most people who took the GRE® General Test a second time scored the same or higher.

Enjoy the benefits:

  • Feel more confident on test day, knowing you don't have to report your scores if you don't want to
  • Rest assured, there will be no special indication on your score report that you have taken additional GRE tests
  • Benefit from the free GRE® Diagnostic Service analysis of your performance on the test
  • Know you have five years to decide where and how to use your scores!

How many times can you take the GRE® General Test?

You can take the GRE® General Test once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous 12-month period. You will have up to five years to send what you feel are your best scores to the universities of your choice.

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How to prepare for taking the test a second time.

If you take the test again, you will want to prepare a bit differently than the first time. Most notably, you will probably want to focus your prep on the areas and types of questions that were more difficult for you.

  • Use the free GRE® Diagnostic Service to see how you did on the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the test. See an example.
  • Now that you are more familiar with the format of the test, assess your test-taking strategy and decide how you might approach the sections of your retake differently.
  • Revisit the official prep materials to see what can help you improve in your targeted content areas.


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